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XMAS Giftcard

XMAS Giftcard

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Yay, between 11/30/22 and 12/24/22 we are giving away this voucher worth 50 EUR for you or to give away to your best friend for every order with a wrap dress. The voucher can be redeemed until January 31, 2023!*


When you place your order with a wrap dress, the voucher will automatically be placed in the package and will be on its way to you with your ordered goods, nicely packaged. You will not receive this voucher by e-mail, as you may already be used to from our vouchers. So you can easily give it away without worrying about a printer, envelope or the right folding technique.


We at MADAME KUKLA hope you enjoy giving away this Christmas voucher. Happy XMAS!


*The voucher can be redeemed until January 31st, 2023 from an order value of 100 EUR. Cannot be combined with other discounts and cannot be redeemed for cash.

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Important: The voucher will not reach you by email and will not appear in your order confirmation. You don't even need to add it to your shopping cart. It is simply added to every order that includes a wrap dress.

A maximum of one voucher will be placed in your package per order.


Of course you can also buy the voucher, but we recommend our conventional one Coupon. There is no minimum order value and it can be redeemed over a longer period of time ;-)

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