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march mellow

march mellow

With CLIP 35 purple pattern

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We look forward to spring and the fresh blooming lilacs it brings. To shorten your waiting time, we have the march mellow wrap dress for you.

93% cotton, 7% elastane
Lovingly sewn in Europe
With CLIP 35 purple pattern
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Whether as a vest, as a top or as a dress, with the lilac-colored march mellow you are always well dressed. The fabric is pleasantly light and is perfect for an extra layer, which we can easily tolerate in the transitional period. On the darker side, the fabric is similar to that of a polo shirt, but we find it's a little softer. Wear either the lighter or the darker side on the outside, depending on your mood.

Would you like to add a bit of variety to your MADAME KUKLA look? Combine it with a pretty TIE BELT or our DOUBLE CLIPS. Order the pastel-colored all-rounder and draw everyone's attention!

Size guide

No matter what size, your lilac wrap dress is flexible and you can create endless looks with it. However, the cut varies a bit. The armholes in size 44-50 are larger and more spaced apart. In addition, with this size you have more fabric in width, so that you can wrap your miracle piece without it pinching and tugging anywhere. The lilac wrap dress comes with a short CLIP 35 purple pattern-silver and the wrap dress in the PLUS size comes with a long CLIP 35 purple pattern.

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