Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Here we summarized the most important questions for you!

Fragen zum Abverkauf 

  • Bis wann kann ich im MADAME KUKLA Onlineshop einkaufen?

    Solange der Vorrat reicht, aber spätestens bis Jahresende 2023, kannst du in unserem Onlineshop einkaufen.

  • Warum wird der gesamte Lagerbestand abverkauft?

    Die Lagerkosten sollen für das nächste Jahr auf ein Minimum reduziert werden.

  • Wie lange dauert der Versand meiner Bestellungen?

    Aufgrund des hohen Paketaufkommens kann es aktuell bis zu drei Werktage dauern, bis deine Bestellung versandbereit ist. Du erhältst dann umgehend eine Versandbenachrichtigung von uns.

  • Kommen ausverkaufte Produkte nochmals in den Shop?

    Ausverkaufte Produkte sind tatsächlich weg und ausverkauft – wir halten keine Reststücke zurück.

  • Wird es noch weitere Rabatte geben?

    Nach Möglichkeit wird es keine weiteren Rabatte auf unsere Produkte geben. Sollte der Lagerbestand jedoch dafür sprechen könnte es sein, dass es zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt noch weitere Produkte im Sale gibt.

Wie geht’s weiter? 

  • Wo bekomme ich ab jetzt Wickelinspiration?

    Der Blog sowie unsere HOW TO-Videos auf der Website bzw auf Youtube und unseren Social Media Kanälen bleiben online.

  • Wann kann ich wieder MADAME KUKLA Produkte kaufen?

    Stefanie und Annie nehmen sich sechs Monate Zeit, um zu kreieren, zu planen und zu analysieren. Hoffentlich ist dann eine Version 2.0 von MADAME KUKLA möglich.Du kannst unsere Reise auf Instagram sowie über unseren Newsletter mitverfolgen!

  • Wird es nächstes Jahr wieder Wickelkleider zu kaufen geben?

    Ob und in welcher Form es MADAME KUKLA nächstes Jahr wieder geben wird wissen wir aktuell noch nicht. Gerne informieren wir dich über alle Neuigkeiten in Form unseres Newsletters oder über die Social-Media-Kanäle.

  • Was passiert mit dem MADAME KUKLA Team?

    Die bisherigen MADAME KUKLA MitarbeiterInnen konnten in den letzten Jahren viele spannende Erfahrungen sammeln können, die sie nun bei ihren neuen beruflichen Herausforderungen nutzenkönnen.

Fragen zu Retouren/Reklamationen/Restposten 

  • Wie lange kann ich meine Bestellung zurückschicken?

    Unsere reguläre Retourenfrist von 30 Tagen gilt bis zum letzten Tag auf alle Bestellungen.

  • Was passiert im Falle eine Reklamation?

    Da im Zuge des Lagerabverkaufs der gesamte Warenbestand abverkauft wird, können wir dir im Falle einer Reklamation lediglich anbieten, dir den bezahlten Betrag für deinen bestellten Artikel zu erstatten.

  • Was passiert mit zurückgeschickter Ware?

    Vermutlich wird es am 8. Dezember einen Pop Up-Store in Wien geben. Hier werden wir übrig gebliebene bzw retournierte Ware abverkaufen! Über unsere Social Media Kanäle bzw unseren Newsletter werden wir dich informieren, sobald wir weitere Details für dich haben!

  • Werden Produkte oder Stoffreste weggeworfen?

    Produkte werden nicht weggeworfen. Abhängig davon, wie viel am Ende übrig bleiben wird, werden wir uns was Tolles einfallen lassen. Stoffreste werden vmtl wieder gespendet werden. Ihr werdet darüber auf unseren Social Media Kanälen sowie in unserem Newsletter erfahren.

to your order

  • You only want to order CLIPs?

    Gladly - we also have a tip for you - namely our "happy-clipping" campaign: We give you a 10 EUR discount when you buy three CLIPs, BINDING BELTS or KEY CLIPPERs. If your order falls below the minimum order value for free shipping due to the discount code, the shipping costs are on us. Simply use (or click) the discount code "happy-clipping“.

  • Can I choose which CLIP comes with my wrap dress?

    With us, every wrap dress comes with a standard CLIP. Unfortunately, a CLIP exchange cannot be taken into account, because that would involve a really considerable amount of additional work :-( It is the case that the wrap dresses are already packed (with CLIP, wrapped in tissue paper and sealed in a box) and ready for dispatch If the CLIP is exchanged, your wrap dress would have to be sent all the way back to the sewing company and repackaged.

  • My favorite is sold out - when will it be back?

    Basically, there are wrap dresses, which we always have, and so-called limited editions, which we only offer in limited quantities to match a specific season. If a product is sold out, leave us your e-mail address directly on the product page at the bottom under "Please inform me when it is available again" and you will receive an e-mail as soon as the piece you want is available again!

To the sizes

  • What are the ready-to-wear sizes for wrap dresses?

    Yes right, we list a "flexible size" because that's ours carefully
    selected fabrics allow: they are stretchy (bi-elastic), but also dense enough to adapt to your wishes without looking baggy. We know from our #madamekuklas that everyone between sizes 36 and 42 is super happy with MADAME KUKLA, but from size 42 the armholes can start to pinch. That's why most of our wrap dresses have been available in the plus version since October 2020, which works extremely well for sizes 44 to 50. Also this year our limited editions are to be manufactured and launched in both sizes! The prerequisite - namely the right amount of fabrics - is given for all Specials 2022. So you can already look forward to many new Plus models! The great thing about our "flexible size" is: MADAME KUKLA is a brilliant gift because you can't do anything - at least in terms of size
    do wrong.

  • What are the clothing sizes for the BASIC DRESS?

    Our BASIC DRESS is available in two sizes. The size "madame un" fits most women with clothing size 34 to 40, "madame deux" women with clothing size 42-48. So that you can be sure that you
    order the right size, we have a small overview for you here.
    You can take your own measurements and find out which BASIC DRESS fits better. The BASIC DRESS is relatively long. Thanks to the soft and elastic structure, however, you can variably adjust the sleeve and hose length - by pushing them up or down - just as you need them for your look and how comfortable it is for you.

  • How do the CLIPs differ?

    We have CLIPs with a rubber width of 25 mm (CLIPs 25) and CLIPs with a rubber width of 35 mm (CLIPs 35). Our CLIPs 35 and some CLIPs 25 are available in two lengths. For customers who wear our wrap dress in sizes 44 to 50, we recommend the LONG CLIPs. They are also included as standard with all wrap dresses in this size. A short CLIP is preselected for all wrap dresses in sizes 36 to 42. An exact
    You can find an overview here.

    How do the CLIPs differ?
  • What is the length of the BINDING BELTS?

    Most of our TIE BELTS come in two lengths. You can find a detailed overview here.

    What is the length of the BINDING BELTS? What is the length of the BINDING BELTS?

To the wrapping instructions

  • The looks in the photos always look so great – can I do it on my own?

    Yes, of course! You definitely have diapering in your blood - we're quite sure of that. It is important that there is no right or wrong with us. Just take a little time in front of the mirror and try out what suits you and how you feel most comfortable. If you need some inspiration, feel free to visit our YouTube Kanal drop by.

For prices and discounts

  • How much does the wrap dress cost?

    Our dear #madamekuklas know that most wrap dresses have a standard price of 149 EUR. You will receive a wrap dress and a pre-selected CLIP. Unique specials made from particularly elaborate and high-quality fabrics come to EUR 169, while specials made from light, airy fabrics are available from EUR 99. Yes, and about once a year we bring out a traditional costume edition - that costs EUR 199. If you want more CLIPs: Our slim 25 mm CLIPs in silver cost 15 EUR, our 35 mm wide CLIPs cost 19 EUR each and recently there have also been super high-quality CLIPs in gold and rose gold - they cost 24 EUR. Also cool are our BINDING BELTS for 39 EUR, with which you can spice up your wrap dress even more.

  • How can I pay?

    You can pay by bank transfer (advance payment), Sofortüberweisung, Klarna, via Paypal, by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), on account or via Apple Pay. None of these options are right for you? Please let us know what we can do for you:

  • How can I enter a rebate or discount code?

    If you order with your mobile phone: After you have put your desired product in the shopping cart, click on "checkout" and on the next page AT THE TOP there is a field "Activate discount code & order overview" in yellow writing. Click on it and it a field opens where you can enter your voucher or discount code.If you order via the desktop version, you will find in the shopping cart - after you have clicked on "checkout", on the right half of the screen an input field with the inscription "gift card or discount code". Here you can enter your code and click on "Apply". It is important that only one discount code can be redeemed per order. It is not possible to use several discount codes at the same time. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail -Mail to: PS: The subsequent redemption of discount codes is unfortunately not possible, as it is a great deal of extra work for us to adjust the invoice afterwards - please understand! ☹

To the products

  • What is there to say about the fabrics and the sewing process?

    We love Europe, so all value creation takes place in European countries. Our fabrics come from Italy, Lithuania, Portugal and Austria and are all OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified. Our wrap dresses are hand-sewn with love in a social sewing business in Austria. This also applies to our TIE BELTS, HEADBANDS and SCRUNCHIEs, which are made from leftover fabric and are manufactured by a company that integrates people back into the work process. The CLIPs are produced in a wonderful manufacturing facility in Lower Austria. Our BASIC DRESSES are made by an Italian family business in Romania.

  • Yes, and what's with the BINDING BELTS and the MINIs?

    That's a pretty cool story! Our MINIs and our BINDING BELTS were created from the idea of ​​not throwing away any fabrics and using leftover fabrics as best as possible. This means that every BINDING BELT consists of flawless leftovers that fall off during production. In Vienna, these are sewn by hand by people who are reintegrated into the labor market. So not only do you have fun with your new cool extra, but you also support a super good club!

About Shipping

  • How long does delivery take?

    All orders that are successfully completed and paid for by 9:59 a.m. are packed and shipped by our logistics partner on the same working day. All orders received after 10:00 am will be shipped the following business day. Shipping is daily (except public holidays) from Monday to Friday. In Austria you will normally receive your package within 48 hours, in Europe within 72 hours. We also offer express shipping for an additional charge. You can find all the information about this directly in the check-out process.

  • What about the shipping costs?

    In Austria and Germany, standard shipping is free from a purchase value of 45 EUR. We deliver to the remaining EU countries free of charge from a purchase value of 160 EUR. For all other countries, shipping costs of 30 EUR are added from an order value of 160 EUR. If you order under 160 EUR, you pay 35 EUR shipping. Please note that these countries and regions are excluded from shipping. Further information and prices for shipping can be found here: Shipment

  • Is your country on the list?

    Your destination address is on the List of countries excluded from shipping"? Please write to us and we will do everything we can to inform you of the shipping costs and conditions so that your MADAME KUKLA order will be with you soon.

  • Where can I get information about the status of my order?

    You will receive an email as soon as your package leaves our logistics center. In this email you will find the tracking number of your package, which you can use to track your MADAME KUKLA order. Please note that orders sent with Post AT can only be tracked up to the Austrian border, as they are handed over to another shipping service provider there. Didn't receive an email? Please write to us:

  • With which shipping service provider are the packages sent?

    Within Austria, your order will be delivered by Post AT as standard. We ship to Germany with DPD as standard. For a surcharge, you can choose between other shipping service providers during check-out. For those in a hurry, we even offer express shipping.

For return

  • What do I have to consider when returning?

    At the moment you have to pay for the costs of the return shipment (i.e. the fee charged by the carrier in your country). In Austria this fee is EUR 4.81. In Germany, the costs can vary depending on the parcel service provider. Once we're rich and famous, we'll do it like Zalando, I promise ;-) Of course, every return label used makes us a bit sad, but it will always be part of the packaging you receive from us. Please fill in the enclosed label with your return address, your name and your Order number (starting with 2023....) so that we can allocate the return. In order for the return to work smoothly, please cross out the details of the sender. There are also two branded stickers in the return envelope so that you can stick the box together. As soon as we have received the package and it has been processed, the amount paid will be refunded as quickly as possible or the exchange shipment will be sent out. That can up to 14 working days last. Do you need more information? Please click here!

To care

  • How do you wash MADAME KUKLA wrap dresses?

    Our wrap dresses are very easy to care for and will stay beautiful if you wash them at 30 degrees on a low spin and iron them at a low temperature - this way the garment will retain its great quality. Very special specials require very special care and should only be washed by hand at a maximum of 20 degrees - with these wrap dresses you will receive precise washing instructions from us, so that nothing can go wrong :-)

  • What is the positioning of the washing label?

    Due to the wonderful fact that all wrap dresses are reversible, the laundry label is always a nuisance. That's why we attach the tag with a very large stitch so that the tag can be removed by simply pulling the yellow thread. So: on your marks, get set, go! Enjoy the wonderful new wrappy world!

To new products

  • Where can I find out all MADAME KUKLA news?

    MADAME KUKLA newsletters with all information are published regularly - please register here: to register for the newsletter. You can also find us on both Facebook as well as on Instagram and TikTok!

  • Will there be more products?

    Yeah, sure! We still have several products in mind! Stay tuned! Do you have an idea or are you missing a color? Let us know:

For our #madamekuklas

  • What do I do when the MADAME KUKLA spark has totally caught me and I already own 10 wrap dresses?

    Yes, then we would like to congratulate you. You are now one of the absolute SUPERFANS! :) We are very happy that you love and live MADAME KUKLA so much and that is why you will be awarded the unique, exclusive and non-purchasable "black belt" for owning the 10th wrap dress. It's best if you sign up before when ordering your 10th wrap dress Then we will send you a link and your discount code, which you can use to add the black belt to your next order for free. You can choose whether you would prefer the short or the long version of the CLIP.