One day in Berlin!

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on the 5th of July at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski

aaand: get inspired by our 9 new How-To Videos
Berlin Fashion Week we are coming!

At the time of Berlin Fashion Weekwe will have
Pop-up Showroom 
at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski on the 5th of July
from 11am-5pm.

Besides Lena Hoschekor Verival 
we´re super excited to introduce
our favorite piece from Vienna.

#berlinfashionweek #hoteladlon
9 brand new video tutorials for you!

We created the 9 most wrapped styles for you:  
 How-to videos

Most important: there is no right or wrong, only a:
Go and make it yours!

You wrap your own unique garment :-)
#newvideos #howtowrap
sister power!

Blogger award winner and influencer
Tatjana Kreuzmayr and her sister Natalie
are looking gorgeous in our
summer KUKLA ocean motion

Thanks to the two of you for these
beautifully wrapped looks

#oceanmotion #summerlook
Rosé s´il vous plaît! 

Monique, a passionate blogger,
 loves to combine high-end with
high-street and vintage.

"At the moment I cannot live without my
new KUKLA from @madamekukla- it is 
for all layering looks and it keeps me warm
when days full of joy turn 
into night"

Thank you for this amazing look!
#modbymonique #rosémundebeiger 
tip of the month

The cool memory trainer and expert in
brain research, as a guest at
Claudia Stöckls "Ö3-Frühstück-bei-mir"
- with our KUKLA rosémunde beiger -
We have sooomany cool women out there! 

Hereyou can find the link to the interview

#frühstückbeimir #madamekukla