A KUKLA for every (snow) occasion

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You will love the freezing weather!
Early Grey in two lengths for you!  

Our this years winter version called
KUKLA early grey is here!

Super cozy, fluffy... and 100% out of cotton
will accompany you during the cold winter months,
and that in a combination of middle blue
and dark grey.

For everybody, who's waiting since last year
for a KUKLA in short version:
Tadaaaa it´s back again :-)
The position of the armholes is the exact same,
it is only a bit shorter and covers
almost your butt.
Early Grey for Early Birds!  

If you already order beforehand, you'll receive a special price! 

You get 
(please excuse me, but I always wanted to write something like that)
unbeatable and non-recurring

31% discount
with the code

only until the 31th. of October, cool right?

Why is that?
Because the KUKLA early grey are ready to get shipped from the 15th of November on
and we would like to reward the waiting time.

#madamekukla #earlygrey

That's it for today -
we wish you inner warmth
and - cough cough - KUKLA early grey
for the freezing season!